Our Compost Bin at Home


Please find details on composting of Little Genie Bio-Nappies:

1) Rip of side tabs and front green velcro strip (place these in general waste) and place used Little Genie nappy in composting bin as shown in photo with organic waste.

(We do NOT recommend composting number two soiled nappies for hygiene reasons.)

2) Over time the nappy will start to degrade. The nappies at the bottom of this compost in photo is about 3 months old.

(Approximately 65% of the nappy by weight are made from compostable/biodegradable material and can break down.)

3) 3 month close-up shot of degraded nappy as found at bottom of compost bin.  

(Once nappy has degraded as much as possible in around 3-6 months. The remaining nappy can be extracted from compost and disposed of in general waste. The SAP gel with urine will also not breakdown. SAP gel is chemically inert and independent scientific research has shown it is "non toxic, not carcinogenic, and non-irritating to the skin")

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